Health Tips

Useful Tips to Help your Child Manage Stress and Anxiety

“Life is not a bed of roses, it is full of thorns”

Make your children prepare for the life which is not just a bed of roses because it has thorns as well. You would have become their shield to protect them from the scorching heat, scratches and bitter experience that they would start facing once they step out of their comfort zone that you would create for them. Sometimes, inefficacy may lead to de-motivation which further causes the anxiety and stress.

Anxiety or stress is common in children like adults who would have too many commitments, conflicts in their relationships and work challenges. Over 10-20% school going children experience stress and anxiety due to several reasons. Even a large number of children experience psychological issues that don’t qualify as an anxiety disorder.

Being a concerned parent, it is your responsibility to help your kids manage stress and anxiety as you have gained enough experience in managing everyday challenges of life. Make your children prepare for a tough life & complexities by encouraging them to follow the certain steps to take the anxiety on a serious note.

Encourage to face fears, not to run away

We have a tendency to run away or avoid our fears but it is even more challenging but better at the same time to face these fears. Help your child to face his fears as avoidance may encourage the anxiety-provoking situations.

“Once you child will learn to handle the fears, he would learn to manage his stress which will not be remained for a long period.”

It’s okay to be imperfect

Make your child understand that you won’t get bothered by his imperfections or failure. Tell him that sometimes, it’s okay being an average or below-average student. Motivate him to perform well in his area of expertise like sports or other extra-curricular activities. Encourage him to try and try harder every time he faces the failure.

Focus on Positives

It happens when an anxious or depressive child get lost in negative thoughts and that’s the time he should be encouraged to focus on the positive perspectives. Give him directions so that he can focus on the half-full glass instead of watching a half empty glass. Encourage him to focus on the future challenges or a good aspect of a situation.

Participate in Relaxing Activities

Children need time to play, relax and participate in the fun activities with their friends. Ensure that your child is wholeheartedly is participating in fun activities.

Model Approach Behavior with Self-care & Positive Thinking

Your child will do everything you do so, face challenges, fear and keep a positive approach in mind because your child will copy you and behave how you often react or feel in a certain situation. If you take a good care of your child, your child will learn that self-care is important to face any conflict or difficult situation in life.