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Ever needed a prescription and had to wait hours to be seen by a doctor? The hassle of travelling to a doctor has been a common cause of why Australians aren ’ t taking their medications – the traditional way to get a prescription is just inefficient, impractical and simply outdated.

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The new way to get a prescription - online

When we already know which prescription we need, why should we waste hours of our t ime and go through the hassle of having to travel to the doctor for somethin g that only takes a few minutes? That ’ s no longer the case with doctoroo – where you can now get your prescriptions online, anytime, anywhere in Australia.

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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It doesn ’ t stop there

What ’ s the point of being able to get your prescriptions online, only the then need to travel to your pharmacy to buy the medication? Doctoroo allows you to send in yo ur online prescription to any pharmacy in Australia, where they ’ ll prepare the order for you, and alert you once ready for pickup. The added benefit is being able to have your prescription medication (and ot her non-prescription medication) delivered right to you – whether you ’ re at home, the office or anywhere in Australia, we ’ ll get the medication to you.

How is Doctoroo ’ s online prescription service different?

Doctoroo has been built for you – to use whenever you need it, intuitively and quickly. To achieve this, we ’ ve created ways that you can better take care of your health.
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After you get your medication prescription online, you can then....
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If you already have a prescription or know which prescription....
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What can you get a prescription for? Most S3 and S4 scheduled drugs can be prescribed on doctoroo, with docto rs usually offering Of course, some drugs cannot be prescribed due to health concerns, abuse, ad diction or other medicolegal reasons, which is for the safety of all involved. For these cases, we encourage patients visit an in-person GP for advice and treatment. You can also request to have a generic or original brand for your medication order, just as you would in a traditional pharmacy.

How much does it cost?

Although no one can put a price on a person ’ s health, it ’ s completely free to signup & use our app. You ’ ll only need to pay when you book a doctor. There ’ s no set fee for a single prescription, as doctors offer this as part of their c onsultation, which start from just $28. We ’ re proud to say that our partnerships with doctors and industry partners mean we ’ re Australia ’ s most affordable way to see a doctor online. The average consultation is around 7-8 minutes, costing just $38. For full pricing details, [View our Pricing]

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Besides being an online prescription service for us to use anytime, your acc ount allows you to:
  • Speak with a doctor on any device
  • Doctors available 24/7 (after hours and Sundays included)
  • Get medical advice, diagnosis and treatment
  • Order any medication from any pharmacy across Australia
  • Manage, get reminded and reorder your medications and repeats
  • Use it to see a doctor for a range of conditions (cold & flu, UTI ’ s, diet etc)
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Average calls lasts 6-8 minues and cost just $24 - $36. All other app features are free for you (no astericks!)
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