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By simply making an account, you can book an online doctor service in less than a minute using your phone or computer. Our doctors are available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days every year. Here’s a quick outline of how it works:
1. Make an Account
2. Search for a Doctor (by name, gender, language, time)
3. Confirm booking & pay
4. Await a call from your doctor
5. Receive advice, medical certificate, prescription or referrals right after the call
6. Pickup your medication from your local pharmacy, or have it delivered to you.

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How are the online consultations conducted?

After making a booking, you’ll receive a notification 5 minutes before your doctor consultation time in order to prepare and be ready in a private sitting. Your doctor will then call you via the doctoroo app, and you’ll be able to see the doctor face-to-face and exchange messages and photos during the consultation. Your doctor will ask you questions to confirm your identity and to diagnose your symptoms. He’ll then give you appropriate online doctor service and advice followed by the treatment to help with your condition.

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What else can you do?

Besides having a consultation online, doctoroo also allows you to:
• Get prescriptions for various medications
• Get a medical certificate for work, school, university or sports
• Click & collect your medications from your nearest pharmacy
• Have your medications delivered to your home or office
• Get Medical Exams, Pathology and Specialist Referrals
• Invite your own doctor to the platform
• Manage your medications, and easily reorder medications & repeats

How much does it Cost?

We are Australia's most affordable platform

Doctoroo was built to make doctor's easily accessible and affordable for Australian's who dont have the time to travel to a doctor, wait for hours and then travel to the pharmacy, for something they could've easily done in a few minutes from their phones at home or the office.

Doctoroo also makes it easy for any Australians who:

  • icn Live in remote areas
  • icn Are housebound
  • icn Have difficulty travailing
  • icn Have trouble lining up childcare
  • icn Just don't have the time to make it to a doctor or pharmacy

We've summarized the cost in the following table

Length of Call

Up to 4 minutes
Up to 8 minutes
Up to 12 minutes
Average - 7.5 mins
Average - 7.5 minutes

Day-time cost

Average - 7.5 minutes

Night-time cost

Average - 7.5 minutes

Please Note

  • icn .

Online Medical Certificates

We bring together the best medical minds in the world to help people get the right diagnosis and treatment..
Doctoroo is an online platform allowing Healthcare professionals to offer their services online - through video visits, digital prescriptions and connected pharmacy network.

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How do I get started?
Average calls lasts 6-8 minutes and cost just $24 - $36. All other app features are free for you
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