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The traditional house call doctor service

The only traditional way to seek consultation from a doctor was to visit the doctor. Waiting at the clinic was a time-consuming process. This was then evolved into a home doctor service – where you were able to call a house doctor to travel to your place. Although this may be a good option for some situations, three main issues were noted by many users:
1) Long waiting times involved for the home visit doctor, where a few doctors would be servicing a large area
2) Due to the large country we have, it’s almost impossible to be able to reach all users, as some towns and cities are tens of hours away of driving
3) Due to restrictions by the government, all these home doctor services aren’t available during working hours, which means users still need to travel to the doctor until the home doctor service opened or have to delay the doctor visit until after hours – and when we’re feeling sick, waiting is the last thing we all want to be doing.
Why not call a doctor at home and get the needed care and treatment?

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The new way to see a doctor at home

doctoroo was built to address not only the above limitations, but many other issues and inefficiencies in our healthcare system which are unfortunately all too common for many Australians. The new, exciting way to consult a home visit doctor on doctoroo is so straightforward, you’ll be wondering why it wasn’t made any sooner! Here how it works:
1. Make an Account
2. Search for a Doctor (by name, gender, language, time)
3. Confirm booking & pay
4. Await a call from your house doctor
5. Receive advice, medical certificate, prescription or referrals right after the call

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5-20 years Experienced Doctors
5-20 years experienced doctors
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What else can you do on doctoroo?

Besides being an online national home doctor service for you to use anytime, your account allows you to:
- Speak with a doctor on any device, from home or the office
- Doctors available 24/7
- Get medical advice, diagnosis and treatment
- Get prescriptions that you can download after the video visit
- Get repeat prescriptions for your medications
- Order any medication from any pharmacy across Australia
- Manage, get reminded and reorder your medications and repeats
- Have your medications delivered to you
- Click & collect medications from your nearest pharmacy
- Have your consultation summary sent to your normal family GP
- Save your medical history for future use

About our doctors

We know that your health is a private topic and so we all want a doctor who can listen, understand and share their valuable advice with us. That’s why we’ve chosen doctors who are:
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Australian accredited & registered by AHPRA
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Highly experienced
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Speak your language
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Have full indemnity insurance
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Friendly & caring personalities

You’ll be able to see your doctors profile before you book them, and can even search for your own GP - if they're not already with us, you can even invite them too!

How much does it cost?

Although no one can put a price on a person’s health, it’s completely free to signup & use our app. The only time payment is involved is either when you're having a doctor consultation or if placing a medication order with the pharmacy.

As one of Australia’s most affordable way to see a doctor online, consultations start from just $28, with the average consultation being around 7-8 minutes, costing just $38.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that security is an essential consideration and that’s why we’ve fully reviewed and addressed security concerns with your safety as the first priority. Our security policy has been a simple one – to build a system that we’d trust our own personal data to be stored on. Some of the measures we take to ensure your privacy and security of your data include:
  • Our servers are based in Australia only and protected by Australian law
  • Backed up data offsite
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee of servers
  • We use industry standard security technologies such as HTTPS support
  • Application level authentication using tokens via secure video platforms
  • SSL certificate

Is doctoroo national?
The great part about the internet is its accessible form almost anywhere in the world. This means that as long as you can access Facebook or Google, you can now see a doctor anywhere in Australia! Whether yo ’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra or any place in between with an internet connection, you can easily book and see a doctor online.
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How do I get started?
We know you'll love the convenience and simplicity of doctoroo. It takes just a few minutes, and it's completely free to sign up and book a doctor.
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Taking care of your health begins with a single step, make a doctoroo account and see a doctor today.