About Us

What is doctoroo?

A telemedicine, telepharmacy & medication management online health platform that accompanies traditional practice to benefit patients, doctors, clinics & pharmacies.

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Doctoroo empowers patients to:

  • See a GP online - available 24/7, anywhere in Australia;
  • Obtain advice and treatment conveniently; and
  • Obtain prescriptions, medical certificates & referrals

The second release will enable patients to:

  • set medication and repeat reminders;
  • order medication online & have them delivered; and
  • click & collect their order from their chosen pharmacy

At doctoroo, what brings our whole team together is a united goal of solving the biggest uncertainty in Australian healthcare:

What does the future hold?

We're extremely passionate about bringing innovative solutions to the Australian health care sector to benefit all Australian patients and health care professionals.


Our mission

To empower every Australian to a healthier life regardless of time, location or language barriers.


Through our innovative platform that delivers convenience, compliance and adherence for patients, and a powerfully simple telemedicine solution for doctors, clinics and pharmacies.


The embracement of telehealth:

  • 91% of health outcomes were as good or better via telehealth
  • 74% of patients would use telehealth services if they were available
  • 67% of healthcare professionals use or plan to use telemedicine in the near future
  • 75% of doctor, urgent care and ER visits are unnecessary and can be handled safely over phone or video

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