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It ’ s ironic that when we ’ re sick, doctors tell us to rest in bed yet we had to get out of bed to get that advice. With doctoroo, that ’ s no longer the case, with a doctors ’ note now easily obtainable online using any device, anytime, anywhere you are in Australia.

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How is it possible to get a doctor ’ s note online?

Our telemedicine platform was designed by a Medical Scientist to ensure that it was quick and easy to get your doctors certificate when you need it most. It takes less th an 60 seconds to book a doctor and most consultations take less than 5 minutes, where the doctor can also diagnose you, offer treatment, and write up your doctors certificate, which will be available for download right after your call. What ’ s included in our sick certificates?
1. Doctors details
2. Date of absence
3. Reason for absence (if required)
4. Recommendations about how and when you'll be able to return to your du ties
5. Whether you're able to return to your duties with amended responsibilities (e.g . no heavy lifting or reduced hours)
6. Instructions on how your employer or institution can authenticate the validity of the sick note

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5-20 years Experienced Doctors
5-20 years experienced doctors
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Is the Doctors sick certificate official?

Of course! The sick certificate sent to you follows the guidelines outlined by the AMA (Australian Medical Association). It ’ ll have all the doctors ’ details, the date of absence and the reason for absence, as well as all other required details. The doctor ’ s note supplied to you meets all Australian Laws and Regulations, the requi rements of the Fair Work Act and the guidelines set by the AMA. The sick certific ate can easily be verified by contacting the appropriate Doctor. The doctors certificate will be available for download as a PDF in your doc toroo account, which you can then easily download and email to your company or institution.

What can you use the doctors certificate for?

We understand that many organisations, companies and institutions require you to have a Doctor ’ s Certificate when you ’ re absent or know you ’ ll be absent. Our doctor ’ s certificates can be used for all situations, including:
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Most other situations - as you would with a traditional....

you will be able to see your doctor

How much does a doctor ’ s certificate cost?

Although there is no set cost for a doctor ’ s note, seeing a doctor online on our platform is the most affordable in Australia. Most doctors certificate consultations cost just $28.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most conditions can be given a doctor ’ s certificate for, although some may require an in-person doctor visit to get proper diagnosis and treatment. Some of the common conditions you can receive a doctor ’ s certificate for include:
Why do I need to a see a doctor to get my doctors certifi cate? Sometimes we may think we have a simple illness and misdiagnose it as the flu, a harmless headache or stomach ache and self-treat it. In order to avoid this, and for doctors to actually ask you questions about your condition in case its more serious than you had thoug ht, to get a doctors certificate you ’ ll need to see a doctor who can also offer you advice on how to get bet ter soon and any treatment you need. Most doctors certificate consultations take less than 5 minu tes and can be done from anywhere. Can my employer, school, university or sports club chec k the validity? Your employer or institution can easily verify the details contained wit hin your sick note, the time of consultation and the doctor who you had a consultation. This is do ne directly with us, which means you won't need to do anything else.
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