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The old, inefficient way

When sick, in pain or needing to call a doctor for a check-up, we often find ourselves traveling to the doctor, waiting for hours, to then only see the doctor for a few short minutes. It does not even take less than 60 seconds when you dial a dr. Being at the doctors’ clinic may have actually made us more sick. Because it’s often a common place for people to transfer the flu and other infections. That was the inefficient and old way.

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The future of your health is in the palm of your hands - literally

The new way is using your phone to dial a doctor, who will then give you a call at your booking time. It’s a very simple process to call a doctor. doctoroo is like having a doctor on call, available for you on demand wherever you go. You’ll be able to dial a doctor of your choice – you can search doctors by name, gender, availability and even languages spoken.
You get to save your valuable time when dial a doctor. Seeing a doctor has never been easier.

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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How does it work?

Our online Doctor service is very simple to use for all patients – simply sign up for free and book a doctor. You’ll then receive a call from your Doctor, right on your appointment time, where you can see them face-to-face via your device camera. They’ll conduct their consultations as they would for in-person patients, asking you the standard questions and diagnosing you and offering appropriate treatment if necessary.

When we would previously dial a Doctor to book an appointment, then travel to them, wait in the clinic and then go to the pharmacy to pick up our medications – we can now do all that from the comfort and convenience of our homes, office or anywhere in Australia. Simply put, if you can access Facebook or Google on your device, you can now access a Doctor through doctoroo.

What else can you do?

Having a GP on call isn’t the only exciting feature of doctoroo, your account allows you to:
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Book doctors on demand, anytime
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Get prescriptions for various medications
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Get a medical certificate for work, school, university or sports
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Click & collect your medications from your nearest pharmacy
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We’ll deliver your medications to your home or work
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Get Medical Exams, Pathology and Specialist Referrals
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Invite your own Doctor to the platform
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Manage your medications, and easily reorder medications & repeats

We hope to help those Australian's who can benefit from and need the healthcare system the most, and our mission is to continue to bring you the best solutions to the biggest health problems.

How much does it cost?

Although no one can put a price on a person’s health, it’s completely free to signup & use our app. You’ll only need to pay when you book an online GP. As Australia’s most affordable way to see a doctor online, consultations start from just $28, with the average consultation being around 7-8 minutes, costing just $38.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re serious about healthcare and about the health of Australians. That’s why we’ve made sure doctoroo actually helps you. Telehealth platforms have been studied, and shown to be beneficial in many ways. Some of the reasons why doctoroo is beneficial include:
  • You can book a doctor anytime, anywhere
  • Doctors have wide-ranging experience
  • Choose a Doctor that speaks your language
  • Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Get Medical Exams, Pathology and Specialist Referrals
  • Invite your own Doctor to the platform
  • It’s free to signup
And that's not all. We're working to solve the biggest set backs in Australian healthcare, so that we can all live healthier, more convenient lives.
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