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Our team of experienced and dedicated speech pathologists are members of Speech Pathology Australia and undergo ongoing professional development training.

Accessing experienced, friendly and qualified Speech Pathologists, whether at your home, clinic, or via telehealth, is easier than ever.

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Our Speech Pathologists undertake assessments in order to devise meaningful treatment plans which align with the goal outcomes identified in your NDIS plan. At Doctoroo, we take a holistic approach to the provision of therapeutic support.


We understand that challenges with communication may give rise to additional challenges in other areas of life which prohibit independence and participation. Our therapists work closely together to recommend and provide the best support that will help you achieve your overarching goals. 

We maintain a close relationship with your support network as we recognise progress toward your goals requires the practise of learned skills and strategies outside of the clinic.


To ensure we can provide the best service to clients, our team remains flexible through offering mobile services and appointment times. Our team is available for immediate services (no waitlists) and we do not require a minimum amount of NDIS funding to see new clients.


Speech pathology services mean we can also help you to develop social skills and explore ways to assist you in overcoming any difficulties with swallowing or chewing food safely.

About Doctoroo

What brings the whole Doctoroo team together is a united goal of delivering the best quality care to Australian’s nation-wide.


Over the past few years, our scope of care and support has grown to now cover a wide range of primary, allied and disability care services. Our network of providers in these care sectors is built on trust, quality and care for our clients. 


We’re here to deliver you the best care possible. Reach out to our team and find out what makes us different.


Choice and Control

We’ve listened to our clients and their families over the years, and know first-hand that one of their main priorities is having the choice and freedom to select Providers of their choosing. 

We’ve worked hard to facilitate this by growing our team of Providers right across Australia. And now with telehealth, our reach is wherever you are.

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