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After a scheduled online doctor appointment for your medical need? No matter wherever you’re in Australia, booking a doctor online was never so easy. With doctoroo - Australia’s best and unique platform to book a doctor online, we have made things much easier for you. That’s not all! You can even manage your medications.
We have a range of experienced and qualified doctors who genuinely care about treating you, speak multiple languages and are available throughout the day. We’ve truly created a platform that our users love and is available for you when you need it most!

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Booking an online doctor appoinment takes less than 60 seconds. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for the right time to do so, as it can be done anytime using any device. It’s completely free to book a doctor online. In many instances, you’ll be seeing your doctor within minutes, getting diagnosed, receiving treatment and feeling better sooner.

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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Who can see a doctor online?

Literally anyone in Australia who has access to a phone, laptop or tablet with a camera, microphone and internet connection (these days, that’s virtually our whole population). doctoroo was built to make doctor's easily accessible and affordable for Australian's who don’t have the time to travel to a doctor, wait for hours and then travel to the pharmacy, for something they could've easily done in a few minutes from their phones at home or the office. doctoroo also makes it easy for any Australians who:
- Live in remote areas
- Are housebound
- Have difficulty travailing
- Have trouble lining up childcare
- Just don't have the time to make it to a doctor or pharmacy

What can you do on doctoroo?

Besides being a 24 hour online medical centre and an after hours GP helpline for you to use anytime, your account allows you to: Besides being a 24 hour online medical centre and an after hours GP helpline for you to use anytime, doctoroo allows you to:
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Speak with a doctor on any device
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Doctors available 24/7 (after hours and Sundays included)
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Get medical advice, diagnosis and treatment
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Get prescriptions straight to your phone
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Get repeat prescriptions for your medications
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Order any medication from any pharmacy across Australia
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Manage, get reminded and reorder your medications and repeats
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Have your medications delivered to you
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Click & collect medications from your nearest pharmacy
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Use it as a depression helpline with our qualified GP’s

Part of the reasons why doctoroo is popular is due to the convenience, time and money it saves Australians. Our aim is to continue to bring the best solutions to the biggest problems with current healthcare for all of us to use.

How much does it cost?

Although no one can put a price on a person’s health, it’s completely free to signup & use our app. You’ll only need to pay when you book a doctor. As Australia’s most affordable way to see a doctor online, consultations start from just $28, with the average consultation being around 7-8 minutes, costing just $38.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that your health is a private topic and so we all want a doctor who can listen, understand and share their valuable advice with us. That’s why we’ve chosen doctors who are:
  • Australian qualified & registered
  • Highly experienced
  • Speak your language
  • Have full indemnity insurance
  • Friendly & caring personalities
You’ll be able to see your doctors profile before you book them and invite see your own GP. If they're not yet on doctoroo, you can easily invite them too!
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How do i book a doctor?
Booking a doctor online takes just a few minutes and is completely free. Sign up for free and start feeling better sooner.
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Taking care of your health begins with a single step, make a doctoroo account and see a doctor today.