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We’ve all been there..

Feeling sick, needing help from a doctor quickly, and realising that the doctor’s clinic is closed after hours or on a Sunday. Sometimes we’re just too busy to go during the day, and by the time we arrive home, there’s no time to go to the medical centre and get a check-up. At other times, the last thing we want to do whilst sick is travel and wait for hours at the doctor’s office to then only be seen for a few minutes.

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We no longer need to wait to get treated, while having sleepless nights until the doctors open the next day. Our GP's are available:

- 24 hours a day

- 7 days a week

- After hours every day (including weekends)

- 365 days a year

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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How does doctoroo work?

doctoroo is a telemedicine platform created by a Medical Scientist with advice from a selective team of doctors, pharmacists and health experts.

We have a range of doctors on our platform who are qualified, experienced, insured, caring and speak a range of languages.

You can sign up for free, choose a doctor, select a suitable time, pay & confirm your booking. You'll then receive a reminder 5 minutes before your consultation, after which the doctor will then call you via the app.

Benefits of Telemedicine

With increasing number of Australians using telemedicine every year (MBS Online), there are many situations and people that would greatly benefit from Telemedicine, including:
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No need to waste time traveling to the doctor
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Avoid the infection and flu-infested Medical clinics
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Arranging to take your kids can be a hassle
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Asking private or uncomfortable questions online is easier
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Open 24/7, everyday
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Can see a doctor anywhere, including from bed

The benefits of seeing a doctor online for various common conditions is a convenience many Australians love. Our doctors are online when you need them most, to help you feel better, sooner.

How much does it cost?

Although no one can put a price on a person’s health, it’s completely free to signup & use our app. You’ll only need to pay when you book a doctor. As one of Australia’s most affordable way to see a doctor online, consultations start from just $28, with the average consultation being around 7-8 minutes, costing just $38.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides being a 24 hour online medical centre and an after hours GP helpline for you to use anytime, your account allows you to:
  • Speak with a doctor on any device
  • Doctors available 24/7 (after hours and weekends included)
  • Get medical advice, diagnosis and treatment
  • Get prescriptions straight to your phone
  • Get repeat prescriptions for your medications
  • Order any medication from any pharmacy across Australia
  • Manage, get reminded and reorder your medications and repeats
  • Have your medications delivered to you
  • Click & collect medications from your nearest pharmacy
You may be asking yourself, how exactly can a doctor diagnose and treat me online?

When we set out to make your healthcare easier, we knew that we could never replace a traditional, in-person consultation with Doctors, and we haven’t tried to. What we have done instead, is offer a complimentary service where you can use our platform for issues that don’t require physical examination.
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